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Have a Positive Birthing Experience

Alleviate some of your pregnancy related stress by talking to a Baby Planner today.  Empowering expectant couples to have a positive labor & birthing experience. Continued support during postpartum rounds out the care every parent deserves.

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My Baby Lady for a Better Birthing Experience

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My Baby Lady, Inc.

We Serve Expecting Parents who are:

  • Wanting to have a  shorter, more comfortable, labor and birth
  • Busy professionals seeking a one-stop pregnancy 411
  • Wanting their birth partner to be informed & instrumental
  • Geographically (or emotionally) far from family and close friends
  • Interested in choosing a friend or family member to act as their doula; wanting coaching & childbirth consulting
  • Wanting private or in home childbirth education
  • Seeking individual or relationship counseling
  • Looking for a number of experts in pregnancy, labor, birth & postpartum support
  • Wanting a better childbirth experience this time around
  • On bed-rest and needing extra help
  • Wanting to spend money wisely and make smart financial decisions 

What We Do:

Support Parents Pregnancy, Childbirth & Postpartum by offering:

  • Lifestyle & Birthstyle Assessment
  • Individualized Childbirth Preparation & Education
  • Personalized Baby Gear Consulting / Registry Planning
  • Individual, Postpartum & Couples Counseling
  • Monthly & Weekly Check in Sessions
  • Birth & Postpartum Planning
  • Better Birth 360 Comfort Measures Workshop
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Frequently Asked Questions

YES! The consult is designed to provide you BOTH with tools and skills to work TOGETHER to help mom have a shorter, more comfortable birth. Meetings are conducted via Zoom and can actually take place even if you are each in a different location!

There is no cost for the resources found on this site. Being under construction not all information has been added. Please check back often for new content. To receive services beyond your initial discovery call & FREE consultation; personalized service packages are developed and presented at a second FREE follow up session.

There are currently 10 different courses offered through My Baby Lady.  Birth Choices: Know Your Options is one 45-60 minute module. Healthy Pregnancy: Starting Right is currently broken into 2 parts.  Childbirth Preparation: A Modern Course is broken down into 9 chapters & the Baby Dream Gear Class currently has 8 chapters We also have Baby's First Outing, Travel with Baby, Developmental Play and more.

Sample Services Menu

Each My Baby Lady client begins with a FREE birth "style" assessment and follow-up consultation where we will build a personalized Service Menu for You to address your most pressing concerns.


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